Purcell Constructions
Description / Renovation

River View is located alongside the Delatite River, in a beautiful, park-like garden.  The old house was a dated, brick veneer place that was reasonably small and not suitable for the intended purpose as a home / clinic consulting room.  The owners wanted to modernise the existing place and build a substantial addition, it so that it was more in keeping with the beautiful river-side setting, and to more accurately represent their unique style.  The owners are largeley influenced by their time in Japan, and the “feel” of the house was very important to them, with a focus on the fung-shui or flow of energy through the place.

The house is now completely re-furbished according to the architectural plans, with quite a few changes as the construction went along.  It now has a feature timber-lined, curved roof extending over the north facing deck, which follows through in wave-like form through to the curved plaster ceiling in the kitchen.  There was a substantial amount of stone work to give the house a lovely earthy feel, and a lovely open plan kitchen / living area optimising the large north-facing windows which frame the beautiful garden views to the river.